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Player Housing Comfort Score:

Players can place furniture with different quality levels. The higher the quality the higher the improvement to the player's house comfort score.

Comfort score will have certain milestones which will give the player different effects.

Example: bed gives a comfort score of 2, table 1, rug 1 and chair 1. That gives the house a total comfort score of 5 which is the first milestone. That milestone will give the player 10% max rested exp and 1% rested exp per hour they are logged out or afk in their home.


Comfort milestone effect suggestions: 

  • faster rested exp (rested exp is a exp gain modifier) (higher comfort milestone the faster rested exp accumulates) 
  • max rested exp (higher comfort milestone the more max rested exp player can have) 
  • a rested buff you get after being logged out for x amount of time in house or afk in house for x amount of time. (higher comfort milestone the longer buff lasts) (I'm thinking the buff gives mana and health regen when sheathed maybe some other stats as well)
  • City reputation multiplayer (higher comfort milestone the higher reputation gain modifier in the city house is located)
  • A comfort milestone could be a requirement for something in the city like a job or quest
  • If game will have some kind of energy/labor system then something related to that, like faster energy regen while player is in their house


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