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Found 4 results

  1. Classes could have utility skills that they use when weapon is unsheathed. I believe utility skills could bring out more of a role-play feel to the classes and help increase their uniqueness. Example: Ranger could have an ability called far sight that they aim like meteor/barrage but the location will move the camera there so the ranger can scout in the area, would be super useful if looking for stuff or u can team up with a wizard to make an artillery team.
  2. Player Housing Comfort Score: Players can place furniture with different quality levels. The higher the quality the higher the improvement to the player's house comfort score. Comfort score will have certain milestones which will give the player different effects. Example: bed gives a comfort score of 2, table 1, rug 1 and chair 1. That gives the house a total comfort score of 5 which is the first milestone. That milestone will give the player 10% max rested exp and 1% rested exp per hour they are logged out or afk in their home. Comfort milestone effect suggestions:
  3. Treasure maps, that once you got them it will allow you to dig up a chest at the given location, randomized between a group of locations, maybe different tiers of maps with better rewards other locations. We talked a bit about maybe some sort of procedural dungeons in the game, maybe treasure maps could also give access to one of those.
  4. Players choose a path that will give them exp bonuses from different parts of the game, the players path can be changed at a cost. Examples of different bonuses: More exp from killing mobs More exp from crafting items More exp rewarded from quest & events More exp from exploration? More exp from pvp?
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